Responsible Shipping Initiative

The Responsible Shipping Initiative (RSI) aims to promote responsible shipping, with regards to working conditions, health and safety, and the environment.

Conditions for vessels operating in the Baltic and North Sea need to be continually evaluated. In order to do so, RSI performs inspections of vessels chartered by its members.

RSI and its members understand that to achieve effective and sustainable impact, a collective effort is the most efficient approach.


RSI is a non-profit organisation (NPO) consisting of cargo owners who transport and trade commodities in dry cargo vessels. Cargoes are transported on chartered vessels from various parts of Europe, operating on the North and Baltic Sea.


RSI develops sustainability requirements against which ship owners are evaluated. The purpose is to incentivise ship owners to proactively raise the standards of their vessels. In addition to improving the industry as a whole, RSI contributes to a sustainable supply chain for each of RSI’s members.


RSI contributes to a future in which all members’ cargo is being transported responsibly.